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First, let me say I commend TrueBlueMeandYou for doing round ups like this all the time. This was a lot more work than I expected! (Not that I minded at all.) Someone asked me to do an amigurumi round up and while this is nowhere near inclusive, I tried to pick some good ones. There’s always Ravelry if you want to find more!

Here they are:

1. Owlets by Roman Sock

2. Owls Two Ways by Ocean of Stitches on Ravelry*

3. Puppy Love (many puppy patterns) by By Hook, By Hand

4. Happy Reindeer by Lion Brand

5. Amigurumi Rainbow Robot by Sweet n Cute Creations

6. Amanda and Annie Teddy Bears by JennyAndTeddy

7. Margarita by Petite Purls

8. Koala Bear on Craft Passion

9. Dragon by All About Ami

10. Tiny Whale by Planet June

11. Can You Stare like a Whale? by ea1701

12. Do the Jellyfish Jam by BitterSweet

13. Dudly Dinosaur by Marleen Hartog on Ravelry*

14. Gigi the Giraffe by Marike van Loo on Ravelry*

15. One Piece Giraffe by Cult of Crochet

16. Miniature Giraffe Pattern by Denizmum on Ravelry*

* You have to be a member of Ravelry to download these patterns. 

All of these patterns are free except for the last one. The person who asked me to make this round up wanted to find a giraffe pattern, preferably a small one, so I included this but it’s on the expensive side.

Amigurumi rarely come with a gauge so making them smaller is quite easy. As long as you keep your stitches tight, feel free to use different yarn (or embroidery floss or thread even!) with its corresponding hook to size them up or down.

Also, while you’re on each of these pattern sites, have a look around. Most of the sites I listed have a lot more patterns in their libraries! 

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